By Tiffany Becker, Editorial Staff (‘20)

Hang out with friends from high school:

There is no reason to be out and about during this quarantine. Although some may think of it as a joke, there can be serious repercussions if every single person does not do their part to flatten the curve to ensure that Americans get back to their normal lives as soon as possible. 

Drive to College Board headquarters and beg for a 5 on your AP exam:

Tempting as it seems, driving to New York City might not be ideal at the present moment. Although it would be lovely to get an automatic 5 on your AP exam, the new format will make it so that some topics are cut off because they were not yet covered. Additionally, be thankful that Indian Hills provides students with laptops and an adequate means of communication to help make the transition to schooling from home easier.

Hug every person you make eye contact with:

This should be self-explanatory but hugging and other forms of body contact are extremely discouraged. Attempt to maintain six feet of social distance at all times to ensure that you do not spread COVID- 19 nor contract it because of ignorance.

Meet up with your significant other:

While meeting up with the other person in your life might sound like fun, think of staying isolated as your sacrifice and duty to help flatten the curve. There must be more effort from Americans as a whole to be more isolated and stay home in these times of uncertainty.

Start a local chapter of the Communist Party:

Though very enticing to do in the current state of boredom many teenagers are currently facing, starting a local chapter of the Communist Party might not be the best idea. The far-left organization has dwindling membership and will most likely fail to succeed in the United States. Maybe take an online politics class before you make this decision!

Fly to Spain to eat authentic tapas:

Although spring break is possibly coming up pretty soon, your week getaway is very likely canceled. On the bright side, seems like a perfect excuse to make your own tapas and test your skills. You can have your family rate it on a scale from 1-10 in your never-ending journey to mimic the life of famous chef Guy Fieri.

Cry that you did not get into your dream college:

With most college decisions being out now, there is no reason to cry or sob over rejections. Everything that happens is meant to be and maybe you would not have fit in or had as good of a time at that college. Know that your pain is valid but be excited about your future because there is so much more to come!

Learn the entire Communist Manifesto and quote it word for word:

Once again, with dwindling membership and lack of uniformity, Communism might not be the best idea. It may be fun to do some light reading to see the ideas written in the manifesto but there is no reason to learn every single word. Just don’t.

Start teaching Duolingo how to speak a language:

This in all respects would be very impressive. On the other hand, using Duo Lingo to brush up on a language or learn one is a great idea to help fill the time and stimulate the mind. Indian Hills drumbeats staff rate this idea a 10/10.

Study for the LSAT’s to become Kim Kardashian’s future coworker:

If you want to become a lawyer in the future, by all means, get a jump start and study for LSAT’s or even take college courses online that are available. Although taking the LSAT’s in the future is ideal for those looking in the long run, make sure that your sole purpose is not to become Kim Kardashian’s future coworker. It is just not likely. At all.