By Isabella Hernandez, Contributing Writer (‘24)

Every year, thousands of people train for months to run the world-famous London Marathon, which occurs in April. However, due to the coronavirus, the marathon was postponed and took place on October 4th. 

In comparison to the thousands of annual runners this year, only a handful of elite runners were allowed to take on the course due to safety concerns. The course is located in St. James Park in London. Around 45,000 runners weren’t allowed to run this year, but that didn’t stop them.

In the BBC article, “London Marathon 2020: Months late and mostly not in London”, reporter Alice Evans wrote: “The 45,000 other participants will run or walk a marathon at a time and place of their choosing on Sunday, logging their progress on an app to make their time official and secure a much-revered medal.”

It is clear that the marathon was a little different this year for some of the runners. Since they got to choose the place they ran, people thought they should make it a little more enjoyable this year. Some people started at their front doors, places around their town, restaurants, parks, etc. Runners began to get very creative with their personal marathons. For example, a woman named Gill Silverthorn ran the marathon in a rhino costume that weighed about ten kilograms to help support the cause “Save the Rhinos.” Other runners started at midnight to get the race done as early as possible that following Sunday morning. 

This year has brought many obstacles that everyone has had to overcome. However, these dedicated runners pushed through and still had a fantastic marathon.