By: Natalie Lorenzo, Editorial Staff ‘23

On Thursday, December 1st, Mrs. Frissora and Mrs. Peller’s Myth and Culture classes traveled together to New York, to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). The trip began with a quick stop by the Rockerfeller Christmas tree whose lighting ceremony was only the night before. Students then progressed to a two-hour period of browsing the various collections the MET has to offer. It was a dream-like experience, viewing only a fraction of the 2.2 million square feet the museum has to offer. The classes then grabbed a quick lunch in the city before being bused home. 

The trip offered more than a rudimentary experience for students in attendance.  Mrs. Peller noted, “Many of our seniors said that this was the very first field trip they were able to take in high school thanks to Covid restrictions, so it made the day extra special for me and Mrs. Frissora. We were so excited to be able to head into New York City for the day, walk around the MET and explore so many stunning artifacts and works of art. We even snuck in a quick stop at Rockefeller Center to see the tree!”

Mrs. Peller and Mrs. Frissora were not the only ones who viewed this as a successful and meaningful field trip. Kristina O’Neil, a senior in Mrs. Frissora’s class stated, “It was amazing to see all of the art, and being able to see it with my friends made it ten times better.” This reaction was shared through the group, everyone being ready and excited during each part of the museum. The trip gave students a much-needed adventure as, like Mrs. Peller explained it was some of the senior’s first trip as their freshman and sophomore year was gravely altered by Covid, and their junior year was still a transitional period. This trip also did what many field trips fail to do: it gave a balance of education and enjoyment. Having the opportunity to freely look around the museum gave each person the ability to visit their interests rather than doing something with more of a curriculum that would have limited this. This made it so the students were more involved with what they were learning and they got to enjoy it more. 

Following the time in the museum, students were permitted to go into the city and grab lunch, given an hour deadline to get back to the bus. This sense of freedom added to the enjoyment of the group as despite the fact that our school is very close to the city, many students do not have many opportunities to go and look around. 

Overall this trip went off without a hitch. It combined learning and education with enjoyment and freedom that was long due for the senior class.