By: Gaby Becker, Editorial Staff (‘25)

Morocco, which is located in the northwest corner of the African continent, is a short six-hour
flight from EWR. As one of the most geographically diverse regions, this country showcases mountains,
deserts, beaches, large metropolitan centers, and ancient cities. First and foremost, Morocco is defined by
it’s amazing, tasteful cuisine. Traditional mint tea is offered with every meal, and breakfast is typically
khobz (Moroccan bread), croissants, and a fried egg with olives. Salads, tagine (meat cooked in a specific
ceramic pot), shish kabob, and pastilla (meat pie topped with cinnamon and sugar) are typical lunch
dishes. Baklava, Maamoul (Arabian Date Filled Cookies), and Chebakia (Sesame and Honey Cookies) are
common desserts. Overall, Morocco has very affordable high-quality and delicious meals, that are sure to
please every traveler or resident alike.
The first place I recommend visiting is Chefchaouen’s old town, also known as the blue city.
Tourists can explore the blue houses, which are constantly repainted to keep mosquitos away and the
house cool during the hot summer months. Chefchaouen also has a charming medina (market) with
handcrafted wool clothes and woven blankets that are solely unique to this Moroccan city. Chefchaouen
also has beautiful hiking trails with waterfall views. Overall, Chefchaouen is a pretty great spot to visit
because it is picturesque and convenient to visit because it’s on the route to other cities.
The next city I recommend visiting is Fez which was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981. This city is home to the oldest degree-granting university in the world which was established in
859 AD. The medina is very unique because there are strictly no cars allowed inside. Fez also has the
Chouara Tanneries in Medina. This location is unique because the leather is tanned by hand using the
traditional method where workers stand in large vats and process the animal skin. Fez is a very interesting
destination which should be visited on your Moroccan vacation.
The famous Sahara Desert is the next site I recommend visiting. It’s typical to pass through the
unique Cedar Forest on the way to the desert. This forest is home to more than 500 Barbary Macaque
monkeys. The wild monkeys on the side of the road are fairly common, and travelers frequently feed
them. A popular tourist excursion is to go camel riding for around 2 hours at sunset and spend the night in
a luxury camp (glamping) with a night show, stargazing, and an overall incredible experience.
The last Moroccan city I recommend exploring is Marrakech, commonly known as the city of
luxury. Marrakech’s medina offers several great restaurants, elegant spas, and gorgeous riads (traditional
houses). The Jardin Majorelle is also worth a visit because it has gorgeous flowers from all over the
world, as well as a blue and yellow villa that was formerly home to French fashion designer Yves Saint
Laurent. Marrakech also includes the Jemma El Fna, an open-air square in the heart of the city. With food
stands, entertainers, concerts, and shopping, this is the most popular area in town, especially at night.
Overall, I highly recommend visiting Morocco because it is a beautiful country that should be on
everyone’s bucket list. Travelers can dive deep into the culture through eating local foods, shopping at
souks in different towns, and embracing everything Morocco has to offer.