By Erin Holly McDermott, Contributing Writer ’23

Proving to be a powerful asset to the Indian Hills Girls Volleyball team, Junior Megan Sears has had a highly successful year so far and has played a central role in bringing the team to victory. Megan Sears is recognized as one of the best females in volleyball at Indian Hills, with her last year’s season totals (87 kills, 31 blocks, 27 digs, 18 aces) serving as an indication of her talent. Wearing the number 23 on her back, Sears plays outside hitter as well as being a captain. She dominates the game and played exceptionally well in recent games this season, specifically in the game against River Dell on September 10th. She played 11 kills, 10 digs, 1 assist, and 2 aces during the game, which is her greatest number of kills and digs this year. 

Megan started in volleyball as a freshman because she thought it would be fun and was always interested in the sport. Megan is a 3-sport high school athlete, competing in volleyball, basketball, and softball. This dedication to sports has proved to be a huge time commitment, and she notes that “around 40%” of her day is devoted to volleyball. Megan explains that “ I think it’s more challenging to manage your time because many of the sports overlap. So it’s hard for me to find time for all three, but I end up doing it. It’s very busy, but it’s still fun.” 

Since her freshman year, Megan has worked hard to balance leadership and playing at the same time. As an upperclassman, Megan is expected to help the underclassmen players improve in sports. She said, “Usually we all step up to help the freshman and junior varsity teams. We all work together to help everyone get better.” 

Megan Sears is the epitome of a balanced athlete. She has extreme perseverance and dedication as a player in three high school sports, while also working in conjunction with other players and coaches to lead lowerclassmen. Megan expects to participate in sports during college as well. For now, she encourages the IHHS community to watch out for the Garden State Challenge at the end of the month.