By Claudia Zaglewski, News Editor (‘20)

Let it Go has become the anthem of little kids all over the world. Out of the many Disney Princess movies that exist, Frozen holds a special place in the hearts of the new generation. It seems that the film is a classic that fans could not love more. The release of Frozen 2, however, might have proved this wrong.

With a release date of November 22 of 2019, Frozen 2 has already become one of the most popular movies of the year. Ranking up to $337.6 million dollars by its third week, it surpassed its predecessor’s 2013 box office records by twice the amount. Released in 2013, its original had stirred a craze amongst younger kids. The new film has drawn back its original fans and welcomed new ones as well.

The musical aspect of Frozen 2 varied greatly from Frozen. Although the movie features powerful songs such as Into the Unknown by Idina Menzel and Lost in the Woods by Jonathan Groff, the musical aspect has not yet created the hype that the classics of the original Frozen had made. Time will tell if Frozen 2’s songs are up to the standards of Love is an Open Door and For the First Time in Forever. Despite the small amount of excitement surrounding most of the movie’s songs, the scores are unique and rather beautiful in their own ways. Although they are still witty and comical, many elements in the lyrics and instrumentals demonstrate that the soundtrack is slightly more serious. Considering the plot of the film itself, fans of the original movie will be impressed by the depth and detail of Frozen 2. Scenes include more information about Anna and Elsa’s past with their parents, reveal new sides of the sister’s characters and personalities, and reflect the growth of the bonds and relationships between all of the characters since the last movie took place.

Still a fun and family-friendly film, Frozen 2 expands on the themes present in the first film and introduces new characters for the audience to fall in love with. Frozen 2 may be considered less light-hearted or fun than Frozen, and much more passionate instead. However, this is not necessarily a negative side to the film. Kids, teens, and adults alike will find a heart and soul in the movie that was brushed over in the first film but not to as great an extent.

The film is sure to bring surprises, laughs, and possibly a few tears. Frozen 2 is definitely a successful addition to the franchise and has added to the great legacy of Disney’s Princess movies.