By Tiffany Becker, Features Editor (‘20)

On Saturday, December 20, 2019, over twenty members and supporters of RIH DECA assembled together to achieve the ultimate task: attempting to collectively create a high-class average of RPM (rotations per minute) at CycleBar Wyckoff. These students, teachers, and members of the community pushed their limits (and resting heartbeat for that matter) to help add to the funds of the business club DECA and add to the many fundraisers for clubs at Indian Hills High School.

During the duration of the forty-five minutes of the Cycle Bar experience, smiling is contagious with the high energy and positivity of the instructor and the soothing atmosphere as a whole. The dark red lights were not only conducive to the success of the cyclists but the encompassing pop music helps mitigate the ringing in the participants’ ears as a result of the excessive amount of exercise they endured early on a Saturday morning. 

In essence, the Cycle Bar fundraiser was a breath of fresh air from the calorie-heavy Gertrude Hawk chocolate sales and tedious t-shirts sales (read: the student’s closets cannot accept any more gold and blue apparel). The fundraiser was attended by student-athletes (read: Varsity runners who do not break a sweat unless they run 8 miles), enthusiasts of DECA, and even a birthday girl that just turned sixteen. When asked about the fundraiser, advisor Ms. Fanale commented that “the fundraiser was very successful. Not only did we help strengthen our DECA community but also cycled for a good cause!” As a whole, the overwhelmingly successful fundraiser helped add a positive note to the start of the DECA season with regionals testing just finishing two days prior.

 President of Indian Hills DECA, Charlotte Vierling, added that “we are really happy with how Cyclebar went as we had a great turnout and everyone had a fantastic time. Everyone looked happy following the end of the event and some members even received a lovely free water bottle to remind them of the experience. Indian Hills DECA is ecstatic that all the participants had a positive experience. Stay tuned to what is coming next for fundraising!” 

The RIH students who attended the fundraiser had a wonderful time and avidly supported the fundraising for DECA, a club that provides them with friendships, skills, and endless opportunities. There is undoubtedly much news to come with the start of the DECA season.