By Erin Holly McDermott, Editorial Staff ‘23


Newly released, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2 (TATB 2), is an utter disappointment to disgruntled viewers. After the first movie, a box office hit that made viewers obsessed with the love story between the two main characters, Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Song Covey, this new movie has been a shocking disappointment to awaiting fans. 

Viewers were expecting a continuation of the romance that the last movie left us with. They were not expecting to be barreled by a new character and love interest. This was a let-down from the ending of the last movie where viewers were promised a happy ending. The first movie, while full of expected sappy love scenes, managed to factor in actual character development. 

This new movie did not feature enough screen time between the two main characters. Instead, it showed more of the new character, John Ambrose McClaren, and Lara Jean in comparison to her and Peter, the couple that fans wanted. At the same time, there was a lot of screen time focused on Lara Jean and her confusion on which boy to choose. The ending of this movie was also oddly similar to the ending of the last movie. Viewers assume this to be a callback to the last movie; however, I believe that it is instead a continuation of mediocre and unnecessary drama. Additionally, the switching of casting has caused some disgruntlement among fans of the original movie. Specifically, John Abrose was played by Jordan Burtchett in the first movie and then changed to Jordan Fisher for the sequel. This movie also added a new character, Trevor Pike, played by Ross Butler to the new cast. This movie series has been played on repeat, for its sappy love scenes and small Easter eggs since August of 2018 for some. This new movie, which did not deliver even a chance at a second watch for most viewers, is a disappointment. 

After viewers fell in love with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky together, I believe it was unwise to add another love interest in the mix of this new relationship. After a long wait of close to two years, “To All the Boys” fanatics were expecting more from this once-beloved series. Hopefully, the final movie, TATB 3, will finally fulfill the excitement this series originally sparked, as well as providing better overall support from the books.