By Claudia Zaglewski, Editorial Staff (‘20)

This coming April is the end of a great era for the foreign language departments at Indian Hills High School. Mr. Tallis, who has been a Spanish and French teacher for the past 18 years at Hills, is retiring.

From his very first day working at the school, Mr. Tallis recalls the difficult transition into his new job. “I remember feeling out of sorts when I first started working at Indian Hills.” Very quickly, however, he learned about the passion and enthusiasm of his students that would make his teaching career at Indian Hills a very meaningful time.

“My favorite memories will be with all of my students. I had Honors Spanish 3 class about five years ago that amazed me. There were 25 kids, but every day was a great day.” Mr. Tallis loves fun and challenging class, but also appreciates how excited and joyful his kids were to learn a new language, whether it was Spanish or French. Teaching both of these subjects has brought Tallis a wide array of students and improved his ability to share a commonality amongst each of the grades that passed by.

“I have also had many amazing french classes, and it has been my favorite subject to teach so far”. Mr. Tallis remembers the specific names of students from each of these classes, and that he always felt that as long as the class was willing to be involved, it was always a fun day for him.

Mr. Tallis is not just great at teaching French and Spanish, but also keen on making his students involved and enthusiastic about the education of foreign languages in high school. “I loved taking part in the world language national honors society, french club, and of course dressing up as Santa each year to give three amazing kids gifts.” In this way, he has always been leading each of his students into success by setting positive examples.

Being a friendly, funny, and memorable face around Indian Hill’s hallways, his students will always remember the great experiences with Mr. Tallis. Whether it was bringing in a cardboard cutout of Kylo Ren to decorate his room, or bringing in bagels for his class as a random act of kindness, Mr. Tallis has definitely been a teacher with his student’s best interests in mind.

As he looks back on his time here, his favorite thing about Indian Hills will always be “the amount of amazing students” that surprise him every year. We wish the best for Mr. Tallis, and hope he continues to reminisce and remember the students and his time here at Indian Hills!