By: Tiffany Becker, Features Editor (‘20)

Every year, hundreds of Model United Nations delegates prepare months for the upcoming competition at Bergen Academy on February 6th and February 7th. Although these MODEL UN students left following the end of the seventh period in the school day, they spend countless hours, sometimes until ten at night, to embark on a journey filled with debating, caucuses, and sample resolutions. This year’s speaker was a highly regarded official in the United Nations who offered a highly intriguing perspective on arms conflicts and guns as a whole which is highly relevant to the topics discussed within Model United Nations. 

Tasked with handling issues the world leaders cannot even comprehend nor grasp, these high school students attempt to make resolutions and find answers to the world’s problems. These range from the Commission on the Status of Women regarding the issue of Online Harassment of Women to an Ad Hoc where delegates are given one night to research their country’s position on a given topic. President AJ Ilardi seemed happy throughout the event of Indian Hills student’s turn out and great efforts to excel. Model United Nations allows students of varying levels of experience to come into a room representing different political thoughts and nations and help them resolve enormous issues. Although a daunting task, Model UN helps students with leadership skills, public speaking abilities, and undoubtedly the ability to think quickly on their feet. No matter the experience, everyone is able to learn from one another to progress as not only a teenager but also an intellectual over the course of the two-day conference.

Overall, the Model United Nations competition was an excellent learning experience for delegates, many of which aspire to pursue a career in international studies, politics, business, or anything in between.  

Some of the winners from Indian Hills include AJ Ilardi as an Honorable Speaker. Overall, the Model United Nations debates at the Bergen Academy Conference was nothing short of educational, enjoyable, and intellectually stimulating for the students that attended.