By Tiffany Becker, Editorial Staff (‘20)

With the onset of a global pandemic, the Indian Hills Community has had to learn how to adapt to not only a new style of learning but also innovative ways of interacting with each other in an attempt to continue “life as usual”. The dismissal of school around the second week of March has left many clubs scrambling to attempt to continue normalcy and meeting relatively often in what is now the eighth week of virtual learning. While it remains very difficult to interact with one another, the use of Zoom, FaceTime, and other online platforms have helped bring together the Indian Hills community and minimize the isolating aspects of the effect of the coronavirus and its toll on teenager interaction.


Amnesty International

Amnesty International has been planning on making Kahoots to help the Indian Hills community to continue being well informed on social issues amongst COVID-19 being consistently on the news with little exposure to other news. With this, Amnesty International plans to postpone selling different items to help support The Water Project to next year, as it seems relatively difficult to sell them virtually. In addition to this, AI hopes to continue to inform the community about issues like Denim Day that remain imperative for the advancement of human rights globally.


Debate Team

The Debate Team has meetings every week on Wednesday to continue the forming of a bond between its varsity members and discussing issues relevant to this year’s debate topic. Varsity members Vanessa Haselkorn, Elijah Kupferberg, Michael Bagi, Brock Fizer, and Tiffany Becker continue to be dedicated to the cause of debate and often discuss the improvement of position papers for future purposes as well as reminisce on the debates and plan for eating Kosher Chinese food in absence of a debate team dinner this year.



DECA continues to actively prepare for the upcoming school year and support the local community in all facets. DECA officers recently joined an initiative to prepare heartwarming cards for the elderly at the Christian HealthCare Center, while simultaneously preparing a fundraiser that provides a portion of all proceeds to coronavirus relief. RIH DECA was deeply saddened by the cancellation of the International Competition in Nashville this past April, where members across all grade levels eagerly prepared to compete. DECA continues to host Zoom meetings with current officers, as well as conduct interviews to select the upcoming executive board.



Drumbeats continues to be dedicated to the proliferation of news in the Indian Hills community and has offered many comprehensive lists on what to do during quarantine and other news. The use of virtual learning has not hindered the dedication of many of the editors as they try to keep the students and faculty of Indian Hills informed with riveting articles. The editors continue to write many articles, put it on the online website, and meet every Wednesday on Zoom to brainstorm for more article ideas.


Environmental Club

Environmental Club, for Earth Day, made a Schoology group with different activities and quizzes that were Earth Day related to help students of Indian Hills remain active participants in learning more about the environment. The members had some people submit videos of music to continue their tradition of having bands perform during Earth Day. They continue to meet every Tuesday on Zoom and planned for their big event with games and Buzzfeed quizzes. 



The members of Inscape have been participating in a collection of meetings in the efforts of completing the magazine. They are attempting to publish the magazine around mid-May and its members are working very hard to help meet that deadline.



Interact has been having weekly Zoom meetings and has set up many virtual volunteering opportunities. In particular, they have been sending cards with well wishes to seniors at Ridgecrest Senior Housing to help minimize the isolating effects of the pandemic especially with the lacking of contact between the elderly from social distancing protocols.


Love Letters club

Alongside the efforts of other clubs like DECA and Interact, Love Letters has been helping out by sending cards to nursing homes and families to keep the community spirit going. Intricate cards with fun designs all help cheer up members of the elderly community at nursing homes like Ridgecrest Senior Housing.


National Honor Society

The National Honor Society continues to tutor students on a need by need basis and tutor online using Zoom conferences, FaceTime, and the QuickTime player to record. While there has been a slowdown, it still meets the needs of the FLOW community for tutoring. In addition to this, they are trying to plan how to induct the newest members this year because there will be no in-person induction.


Varsity Club

Varsity Club has been doing a lot over quarantine to help out the Indian Hills community. During the initial transition to virtual learning, the Varsity club set up a bunch of kahoots to help engage the students of Indian Hills with fun themes such as Disney and sparked a rivalry with Academic Decathlon. In addition to this, the Varsity Club has collaborated with IHHS PAC to raise over $10,950 to deliver hot meals from local businesses to hospitals with healthcare workers on the frontline in a great effort to give back.



The Yearbook club has “Zoomed” off and on at the beginning of quarantine but has gradually stopped meeting as they had to submit the yearbook in early April. These Indian Hills students have attempted to establish some sort of normalcy in a difficult time with little certainty for the Senior Class of 2020 as well as the underclassmen by preparing the yearbook.