By Erin Holly McDermott, Editorial Staff (‘23)


The new Netflix show Outer Banks is sweeping the nation. Thousands of people have been watching the show, springing it to the top of the top 10 Netflix Originals list. A combination of romance and adventure draws many fans to this show.

The show is focused around the North Carolina island, the Outer Banks (OBX). As background information there, the island is split into two groups, Kooks and Pogues. The northern half of the island, figure eight, is occupied by the rich, vacationing Kooks. On the southern half of the island, there are the Pogues who usually work the jobs nobody else wants to: fishing, owning shops, or running charters. The island is divided pretty strictly upon these lines, and Kooks and the Pogues have a strict rivalry between them. The Kooks are the haves, and the Pogues are the have nots. 

The premise of the show is that there is a group of four friends trying to have the best summer ever. The friends, John B, JJ, Pope, and Kiara (Kie), are as close as possible. The main character is John B, a Pogue, who lost his father at sea a few months prior. JJ is a funny, charismatic surfer and has been John B’s best friend forever. Pope is the intellectual of the group; he was the finalist for a big scholarship and is the most likely to leave the OBX. Finally, there is Kie. She wasn’t born a Pogue, she even goes to a Kook school, but the boys adore her. 

In the pilot episode, a hurricane hits the island. Hurricane Agatha starts a series of events involving the four friends. Eventually, they begin to look for John B’s long lost father and the supposed treasure he disappeared with. The adventures that the group has to go through are what make the show interesting. With the hardships that these friends face, it improves their bond and makes them stronger. Altogether, the adventures John B and his friends go through is what makes the show so engaging, for everyone.