By Tiffany Becker, Editorial Staff (‘20)

With the end of the 2019-2020 school year rapidly coming to a close, it is now the time where we have to say goodbye to the beloved teachers retiring and moving on from their career at Indian Hills. One of these teachers includes the lovely Ms. Martin, who is retiring after a whopping 42-year career as a teacher. While she started out at Park Ridge High School for 13 years just out of college at the age of 21, she has been at Indian Hills High School for the last 29 years.

She has emphasized that “Hills has always meant family to me”, which is especially true with her being close friends with colleagues, her two daughters attending Ramapo, and living in the FLOW community. While her career has left her with much fulfillment and happy memories, she wished that teaching would be more recognized as a valuable and distinguished career choice, which is especially true given parents are coming to find out how difficult teachers’ jobs are during the social lockdown.   

Mrs. Martin believes that Indian Hills has not changed much over her last 29 years as a teacher, but has definitely blossomed in terms of increasing technology usage. While this is the case, she emphasized that technology is lovely but undoubtedly does not replace the student-teacher relationship and interactions which is imperative to the success of students.

Some of her favorite moments include receiving the Teacher of the Year award, tie-dye week in the classroom, entertaining the faculty’s children for Bring Your Child to Work Day, and seeing students grow as they accomplish more in her classroom. The “aha” moment that comes across student’s faces when they see what they created is the best feeling in the world for a teacher to witness, and this is no exception for Mrs. Martin. She always wanted to make a difference in some way, and students emailing her still say that they used a sewing technique she taught or a cookie recipe warms her heart. 

Mrs. Martin most of all is grateful for a job that she loved to go to every day. She will definitely miss her students, colleagues, the administration, and the support she has felt during her time at Indian Hills.