By: Erin Holly McDermott, Editorial Staff ‘23

Want a show that has a perfect mix of mystery and family? Criminal Minds is it. Criminal Minds was created by Jeff Davis and has run for 15 years. The show follows detective behavioral analysts, also known as the BAU, who work for the FBI in Washington DC. They fly all around the world solving crimes, specializing in serial killers. Unlike some crime shows, the team has a new case every episode. But it has some cases that span multiple episodes or even seasons.

The best part of this show, by far, is the element of family and connection to the characters. Every teenage girl has become obsessed with Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Dr. Spencer Reid, but there is more than that. The main characters tend to differ between seasons due to people leaving the show. However, the main characters are Jennifer Jereau (JJ), Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia, and Derek Morgan. Their team is pretty perfect; they have a technical analyst, a communications liaison, and a resident genius harboring a ton of trauma. Whether it’s attending Rossi’s famous Italian dinners or watching Jack and Henry grow up, viewers can feel the obvious connection between the cast. Each episode the team gets presented a case, flys to that area of the US, and performs an investigation. Then, they present a profile, an insight into what the unsub (unknown subject) is thinking or doing, and searches for them. Not to spoil any specific episode, but the end usually consists of Derek Morgan tackling someone to the ground. Every character brings in their own beliefs and background into each case. The show does not hide that; rather, it highlights these backgrounds. Derek grew up in Chicago, so when there is a kid on the wrong path, he feels responsible to help, or whenever there’s a child involved, JJ always attempts to help. This show has found a perfect balance between showing the case and the character’s background. 

This show means something special to a lot of people. It’s exciting; more than a few episodes have left me on the edge of my seat, and it even has elements of horror. One episode had something to do with limb donation between people that were not as-willing-to do so. The show seems never-ending because there are plenty of seasons, so go check out Criminal Minds. It’s on Netflix right now. It’s the perfect spooky show for the Halloween season.