By: Isabella Hernandez Contributing Writer (‘24)

Every year people around the world look forward to one of the best holidays of the year, Halloween. Children dress up, have fun, and get free candy which sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask me. This year because of the coronavirus, Halloween was a little different for everyone. However, people still found a way to have fun and make the best of their situation

Personally, my friends and I dressed up as The Powerpuff Girls, from the iconic Cartoon Network show. Our costumes consisted of different colored outfits and accessories. I wore green and my two friends wore blue and red. We even incorporated masks into our costumes so we could still practice safe restrictions to combat Covid-19. After we got all dressed up, we went trick or treating around Oakland all day. We each filled out bags to the rim with candy. As a precaution, we saw kids staying socially distanced and wearing masks. We felt as though the holiday was a very safe environment for everyone. 

Houses left candy outside on tables, in bowls, or even in little bags. Many people were very creative with how they left their candy out and it was amazing to see people still take part in this fun holiday. There were others who did not participate in the holiday, rather left signs saying they were not comfortable giving out candy. . Due to the cold, my friends and I ended the night with enormous amounts of Halloween candy and scary movies. 

Overall it was a great day, it was interesting to see the creative twist the coronavirus precautions placed on Halloween. . I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween and had a good time. Happy Halloween!