By Kate Fulling, Contributing Writer (‘24)

A Minecraft server breaking the internet world-wide? Minecraft, a creative, three-dimensional video game, has been loved by many since 2011. Created by (most notably) the “Dream Team”, (Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap) in April of last year, the DreamSMP (a fictional survival-multiplayer) server is a hit for over a million people. The members each log on to the multiplayer game, owned by Dream to play collaboratively. The three creators all have Youtube channels and also stream on the streaming platform, Twitch, regularly for a plethora of games such as Minecraft, Rust, JackBox, and many others. Most of the members also have active social media accounts. 

The DreamSMP server is private, so no one can simply join, but it consists of many whitelisted members. The list keeps growing but currently, the player list includes: 

Dream, Callahan, Technoblade, TommyInnit, Sapnap, WilburSoot, BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, GeorgeNotFound, ItsFundy, FoolishG, nihachu, Ph1Lza, KarlJacobs, Tubbo_, jschlatt, Purpled, Ponk, CaptainPuffy, Quackity, awesamdude, hannahxxrose, Ranboo, Punz, itsAlyssa, antfrost, The_Eret, JackManifoldTV, Minx, Slimesicle, Vikkstar123, HBomb94, LazarCodeLazar, and ConnorEatsPants. (NOT IN ORDER OF ARRIVAL) 

The DreamSMP has definitely piqued the interest of many teenagers. This survival server is unlike any other. The group has written the scripts themselves and has created a unique and complex storyline. The entire server is like a roleplay where the members play as characters they imagined. There are nations, wars, and lots of rivalries with each character involved being well-developed. The actors range from ages 16 to 33, the youngest being college student TommyInnit and the oldest being Ph1Lza (both hailing from the UK).  Dream, one of the most popular on the server with 19 million subscribers on YouTube, is known for his manhunts on Minecraft in which he (Dream) tries to beat the game while his friends, (Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, BadBoyHalo, and Antfrost) try to stop him. 

The SMP starts with a nation, “L’Manberg” as they call it, which would end up in a political dispute between two teams on the server. An election, a war, even death had occurred during the reign of “L’Manberg”. A student fan, Ailish Nataadiningrat, freshman, says, “There are plot twists, backstabs, and tension throughout the ongoing series, which leaves viewers on a satisfying cliffhanger.”  Most of this action happens during the member’s streams, so each “episode” of the SMP is live for all the viewers. 

Overall, I would recommend the DreamSMP to anyone who is interested in Minecraft or the process of the storyline. It introduces the idea of playing the game in a very different way, which is something to take into account and may inspire some to create their own story. The DreamSMP, as a whole, is like watching a show but with real people in real-time who do this just for fun.