By Natalie Lorenzo ‘23, Editorial Staff 

After years of experiencing technical difficulties with the P.A system, in the beginning of November, a new bell system was installed in the school. Students reacted to hearing the bell’s new sound for the first time and the school was left wondering if it would be temporary, but nearly four weeks later, the bells remains. 

Throughout 2019, the P.A. system experienced glitches and issues during announcements, however, the bells never changed. The announcements on important days such as September 11th were hard to hear causing most classrooms to be unaware of the influence of the announcements. Then, during this school year, two years later, the bells also started to act strangely. During some class periods, they would ring very quickly and if the noise level was too high in the classroom or cafeteria, it was more than likely that people would not be able to hear it. Later it changed and the bell would simply not ring during some periods and the teacher had to dismiss students directly. During the teacher’s convention on November 5th, 2021, the P.A system was replaced and when school began again on November 8th, students were shocked to hear the first bell of the day.

The main surprise came after hearing that the bells were much higher pitched.A Junior, Natalie Christopher states “I liked how they sounded before,” when asked about the sudden change, “now the pitch is too high. I am pretty sure the length of the sound is better but there was no reason to change a sound we have been hearing forever.” Many students visibly shared her view as students grabbing their ears with their hands has become the new normal. For upperclassmen like Natalie, the new bell is also replacing the familiar sound that they had heard for the past three or four years.

Even underclassmen are unhappy with this change even though they were not as familiar with the past frequency. “I’d prefer the lower-pitched bells, they are less annoying.” A freshman student, Charlotte Carr,  states. This is one of the common wishes amongst the student body and staff all longing for the familiar frequency that was the old bell. Along with this, not only are the new bells annoying to students but the high pitched frequency is also becoming detrimental to student focus on work. Charlotte also states, “They are kind of startling, to be honest. I’ll be focused in class and that high-pitched sound will go off.” 

It appears so far that these new bells are to stay. Some students have adapted to the change while others hold out hope for the return of the old bell sounds.