By: Ava Silvestri, Contributing Writer, (‘25)

3…2…1… ACTION! Another school year, another exciting production from IHTC and they put on their fall play, Just Another High School Play! last month. 

A high school production should run smoothly, right? Well, this one goes wrong. With all the chaos of trying to put on the perfect show, the characters have to try to figure out how to keep it straightforward and collected. With elements of classic performances incorporated, such as Romeo and Juliet, this musical was a wild ride.

 IHTC director Kimberly Marino said that she was “excited about the continued opportunity to do LIVE theater. I love directing the IHTC productions, and I love all my Casties and Techies! The IHTC is an amazing club that is welcoming to all students. It truly feels like “home” when we are at rehearsals, and we have so much fun! Rehearsals always give me so much to look forward to at the end of the school day.” As a director, it must have been hard getting the spirit up through last year’s obstacles! It must have been even harder for the students, going from practicing without masks, not social distancing, to masks and social distancing. But, as they say, “the show must go on!”

Senior Madison DeLeon, co-head of tech, shares what she was excited about for this year’s play, saying, “I’m excited to have a live audience for the fall show this year and for everyone to enjoy the hard work that tech has put into the sets that couldn’t be enjoyed through a screen!” The entirety of the crew had been working so hard, practicing for three to four days a week until five at night to put on the best show possible! 

For freshmen, it must be thrilling to perform for the first time at Indian Hills, so freshman Vinci Introna shared what she is looking forward to for this year’s play: “I’m excited for the play because I get to be myself and perform, which is my passion. Even better, I get to perform with my friends and some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive and I love them all. I can’t wait to make more memories with them in the next 4 years.”

The show was performed from November 17th to November 20th, and it was a success! Many audience members enjoyed and laughed at the chaos of a show going wrong. While this year’s play was a unique out-of-the-box choice, stay tuned for IHTC’s return this spring with their production of the classic musical Chicago