By Erin Holly McDermott, Editorial Staff (‘23)

Governmental procedures, bipartisan split, revolutions, and revolts; AP Government and Politics covers an in-depth understanding of topics like the ones mentioned. College Board, the company behind SAT and AP exams, describes the course as “ an introductory government college course where students will study the key concepts and institutions of the political system and culture of the United States. They’ll read, analyze, and discuss the U.S. Constitution and other documents as well as complete a research or applied civics project.” The students who usually enroll in the course are interested in pursuing careers in history, political science, journalism, law, publishing, criminal justice, and next year for the first time, Indian Hills students can enroll in AP Government and Politics. 

Mr. Paravati, the current AP United States History I and II teacher, who advocated for the development of this class said that “I’ve been looking forward to the District offering AP Gov. for a long time. I know a lot of students are interested in talking about current events, but sometimes there just isn’t the opportunity to do that in class. My hope is that AP Gov gives students a fun and open environment for them to discuss what’s going on in the country today, to learn about how our government operates, and earn some college credit in the process.”

Mr. Paravati is known for his distinctive teaching style and engaging lectures. Although his classes often consist of note-taking, the AP U.S History classes have near-daily discussions, lively debates, and sometimes daunting essays to keep his classes interesting. This style of teaching from AP U.S History will hopefully be implemented into the new course as it is beneficial in helping students tackle the branches of government, constitutional construction, and controversial court cases in an engaging way. 

One of the benefits of the course outside of the typical AP class benefits like possibly earning college credit and looking good for colleges is an all-inclusive understanding of constitutional amendments and foundational court cases that have shaped how the U.S government runs today. The knowledge gained from the course is the definition of real-world skills and knowledge for high school students that will soon become adults who will be eligible to vote and participate in civic duties like jury duty. 

For more information about AP Government and Politics, refer to the Program of Studies 2022-2023 on or contact Social Studies Supervisor, Mrs. Leggour.