By: Jaclyn Kotora, Editorial Staff (‘23)

Students at Indian Hills are continuing to take the initiative to start clubs in pursuit of  passions and in order to promote education, creativity, expression, friendship, and fun. There have already been a handful of new clubs this year, including Improv Club, Chess Club, Gaming Club, Music Appreciation Club, Wellness Club, and Mountain Biking Club. Since then, additional groups have been formed by a handful of motivated students.

Asian Appreciation Club is a new after-school group offered at Indian Hills this year. The club had its first meeting in early December and was founded by juniors Kimberly Lazzara and Abigail Klein. Lazzara shares, “Both of us were inspired to start by a newfound confidence to celebrate our Korean and Filipino cultures after many years of feeling either isolated, lost, confused, or even not enough from the lack of role models we saw in our own home towns and the media. This celebration of our heritage wholeheartedly made us more confident people, simply more ourselves. So much so that we created something with the goal of helping others feel the same way.” The club’s goal is to celebrate and embrace Asian heritage and enhance others’ understanding of Asian culture in a safe and fun environment. During the meetings, members learn about different Asian cultures through food, music, dance, movies, cultural lessons, and more. “This club is important because it allows Asian-American students to feel empowered and celebrate their culture in an area and school where oftentimes it is hard to do so. This celebration also translates into a learning experience for others who were previously not aware of the beauty of different cultures,” Lazzara explains, “Asian Appreciation Club welcomes you and wants you to remember that you are valued, important, and beautiful.”

Craft Guild is another club that has started this year that focuses on making various crafts for members to express themselves and be creative in a relaxed environment. Sarah DeGennaro, the president of the club, shares, “The making of this club was inspired by the idea that creativity encourages mental wellness. With everything that has been occurring in recent years and being in high school, mental wellness is very important to living positively. Craft Guild provides a creative outlet for individuals by doing different crafts at every meeting.”Craft Guild does numerous activities that members can participate in and even translate into crafts and skills at home. The club also hopes to do a fundraiser selling crafts that members create and donating the money. DeGennaro adds, “Aside from allowing people to have creative liberty, we also strive to make sure every member has a positive experience. In our meetings, everyone is always laughing and having a good time… Overall, we want to make new friends, crafts, and great memories!”

Indian Hills has recently started a book club founded by juniors Amanda Cestra and Samantha Schwartz. The club votes on a genre and book and then reads a few chapters at a time to avoid complicating school and home schedules while accommodating to people’s various reading abilities. Cestra explains, “There are many clubs regarding technology, such as video game clubs, computer clubs, etc. We felt Indian Hills needed a club to get off the screens and relax with old-fashioned reading… We want this club to be enjoyable and relaxing, so it is unlike the English classes students are already taking in regards to a set timeline for one book. Also, if one wishes to not purchase a physical book, every book we vote on can be found online for free. We wanted to make this club accessible and stress-free for everyone! I hope that this club inspires those who love reading and those who might want to start to take this opportunity to find something they may love.”

These new clubs further reflect the Indian Hills community and spirit by encouraging self-expression, creativity, health, education, and friendship. In the coming months and years, it is encouraged that students continue to join the existing and new clubs at Indian Hills and even take their own passions and interests to the school. A wider range of clubs and activities will only improve the Indian Hills Community and provide positive outlets for every type of student.