By: Ava Silvestri, Editorial Staff (‘25)

It’s a dream for some, the nightmare for many—public speaking: speaking directly to a group of people. People use this skill in everyday life, even if they don’t know it. Public speaking is used by simple actions like ordering food or talking to people. As well as larger steps in life, like job interviews. It’s used everywhere; however, for many people, especially introverts, public speaking is a challenge. 

As a result, there are now ways people can practice and further enhance their public speaking skills. Mr. Verdon, the current public speaking electives teacher at Indian Hills, believes that public speaking should be a requirement, and here’s his explanation: Public speaking opens up a gateway of opportunities. Expressing feelings through words allows people to make a difference in the world. It can lead to success, accomplished dreams, and confidence.

Public speaking at a young age lays the foundation for the rest of life, and that is what the public speaking elective is all about. It gives one the courage to speak in front of people in a fun, worry-free environment. Everyone in the public speaking class is supportive and understands the fear that public speaking can provide, but everyone is going through it together.

One of the projects done in the public speaking elective is an interview project. This project allows students to create professional cover letters, resumes, and other projects, allowing students to dive into the real world for a short time. Outside people come and watch the presentations, but no need to worry! Students will be prepared and learn throughout the course that it’s okay to be nervous.

Public speaking does not just allow students to talk to a group of people, it opens up a part of someone that they did not even know was possible—self-belief and belief in others. Mr. Verdon says, “Public speaking allows people to realize how awesome someone truly is.” Everyone is different and enjoys a variety of different activities. One can be into the theatre while the other is into sports or writing. Public speaking allows people to express their interests and open up confidently to others.

In the end, everyone has different dreams and fears but everyone has one thing in common, the chance to overcome them. By being a part of the public speaking class, one can be put in the driver’s seat to get a tour of the road of life. It’s the foundation that life is built on. Whether public speaking comes easy or hard to someone, it is still one of the most important skills to learn. 

As Mr. Verdon says, “many want to hide in the background, but you can be the one who leads it.”