By Eve Nevelos, Editorial Staff (‘24) 

Indian Hills’ Academic Decathlon team, advised by Mr. Paravati, qualified for the US national competition. The team placed 7 out of 15 in the online medium school division overall and had some notable medalists in several different academic subject areas. 

Cora Mayer-Costa, senior and AcDec captain, earned a bronze medal for music in the Honors division. She commented on the competition, saying, “This past national competition was difficult to prepare for and required immense amounts of focus and studying from everyone apart of the team. The five hour testing was hard for many to sit through, but as a team we made it fun. Whether it be playing rock, paper, scissors from across the room or making a shoe fort; our team had a great time answering questions on water.” 

Fellow senior Zoe Jacobs also earned a bronze medal, but in music in the Scholastic Division. She reflected on her experience this year on the team and said “I’ve had an amazing experience in Academic Decathlon, especially being an in-person starter this year. Starting from the beginning of the year, we have been meeting every single week and slowly working on memorizing the information for each subject. Thus, by the time nationals rolled around, we were already prepared and the starter team only met twice a week. Most of the super intense studying was done prior to regionals and states, so nationals was overall a more relaxing situation and there was less pressure on the team.”

The team met every Wednesday and Thursday after school to study all aspects of this year’s topic, selected by officials, water. Competition participants had to answer questions about water in connection to art, science, literature, and other subjects. Despite the intensity of the preparations, senior Jaedan Orsini said, “The atmosphere between Mr. Parvati and the team members was always extremely chill and laid back – yet driven to place high.” This attitude and environment has been carried to many areas, including Mr. Paravati’s AP classes. 

The team’s preparation was “focused on maximizing our scores. Cora and Mr. Paravati’s involvement and leadership kept us focused on success,” senior Ulysses Bergel told Drumbeats.

In addition to Cora and Zoe’s bronze medals, senior Joseph Park earned a bronze medal for literature in the Honors Division and junior Cece Dadarwala earned a bronze medal in art for the Scholastic Division.

“As Captain, I am extremely proud of everyone with their hard work and am excited for the future,” Cora exclaimed.