By Ava Silvestri and Ruhaab Shuja (‘25), Editorial Staff (‘25) and Valeri Guevarra, Editor in Chief (‘22)

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh uh. Cicero. Lipschitz. And now, the Indian Hills Theater Company (IHTC) presents its production of the musical Chicago. 

The show was performed from April 21-23, and the cast received high praise for their exciting group dance numbers and strong vocal performance from students, teachers, and parents alike. Their successful production clearly demonstrated their hard work, talent, and passion.  

Chicago is set in the same city as its namesake. It revolves around two women: Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart, played by seniors and co-choreographers Chloe Fatuova and Emily Monaghan, respectively. Velma Kelly has murdered her sister and her husband Charlie after discovering that they were having an affair. As a result, Velma becomes a notorious figure in the media. She is arrested for her crime and is attained successful and small-town famous lawyer Billy Flynn to help her in her case. At the same time, Roxie Hart strives to become a star. She enlists Fred Casely to help her accomplish her goals. Instead, he ends up lying to her, so Roxy shoots him and also gets arrested, but because of her crime, she gains the fame she has always wanted. Indirectly, she ends up stealing the fame from Velma. Coincidentally, she also attained Flynn as her lawyer. Eventually, the public moves on from Roxie and looks to a new figure to give their attention to. Ultimately, they realize they have to work together to regain the public eye once and for all. 

From the first number, it was clear to the audience that the cast poured their hearts and souls into the production, which resulted in a fantastic production. 

Monaghan comments on her experience with the show and says, “I think the most amazing part about Chicago was working with my co-choreographer, Chloe Fatouva to create all of the dance numbers. Chicago has been my favorite show for a while now mainly because of the Fosse dance style, so getting to experiment with the choreography was an incredible experience.” Fatuova also shares that “I couldn’t have envisioned my final year in IHTC being any better than it was with Chicago. Not only was this show a choreographer’s dream, but playing Velma Kelly taught me so much confidence on and off the stage. I am going to miss my cast and crew a crazy amount, and I cannot wait to watch them shine from the audience!”