By: Jaclyn Kotora, Editorial Staff (‘23)

Indian Hills High School congratulates the Class of 2022 Valedictorian Marianne Doss and Salutatorian Jack Shaw. Both students have proved their high level of academic achievement and contribution to the school community, especially amidst the adversity of COVID-19, which forced the Class of 2022 to spend a large portion of their high school experience in remote learning. Despite these difficulties, both students continued to be active in their extracurriculars and excel in academics.

Marianne Doss has committed to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, attending the NJIT Albert Dorman Honors College, an excellent, competitive school for pre-medicine, in which Doss will be majoring in Biology on a pre-med track. She accredits some of her academic success to teachers Mr. Luke and Mrs. McLaughlin. Doss shares, “I had [Mr. Luke] freshman year and I learned a lot from him in one year…and then I decided to do Mock Trial with him as the advisor, and I think that taught me how to be more confident and how to be a leader…. and then Mrs. McLaughlin too, I had her junior year and it was during the pandemic so a lot of the classes were over the computer and depressing, but she made it a really fun class, and I learned a lot from her.”

Throughout Doss’s high school years, she explained that the greatest challenge she faced was finding the balance between life and school, “because if you take on too much, then you do not have enough time for yourself, and that takes a burden on your health and happiness”. Doss expressed that she learned that balance soon enough, and she was able to stay motivated in her academics by keeping her goals in mind and rewarding herself when accomplishing something. The greatest lesson Doss learned, however, was to “stay in your lane”. She explains, “Do not compare yourself at all, because the second you start doing that, it gets really toxic and competitive… focus on yourself and your own goals and priorities…remember that everyone is on their own path, so there will always be someone more creative, someone better, but if you just focus on yourself, and you focus on your own growth, I feel like that is the best and most healthy option.”

Salutatorian, Jack Shah, committed to Boston College, where he will be majoring in Finance. Shah stated that when notified that he was named Salutatorian, he felt “both excited and honored… there are a lot of smart kids in my grade, and I was not sure where exactly I stood in terms of the ranking, so I was not expecting it.” Throughout his time at Indian Hills, Shah shares that although he has had a lot of great teachers at Indian Hills who have each had their own impact on him, Ms. McGowan has had the most significant impact on him. “I had Mrs.McGowan for two years,” Shah explains, “I have always had a strong interest in math, and she has helped grow that interest and prepare me for higher-level math classes.” 

Like Marianne Doss, Shah stresses the importance of a balanced lifestyle between academic and social life and managing one’s time. He expressed, “I play sports as well, so juggling my school work and activity time throughout the last four years has been challenging, but it was worth it. It is always good to have balance… It is always important to do things you enjoy while also striving toward success.”

Both Marianne Doss and Jack Shah are honored to be recognized as Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively, and Indian Hills wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavors as they enter a new chapter of their lives. They have already made our community extremely proud, we are sure their impact will be extended into their future education and careers.