By Gabrielle Becker, Editorial Staff (‘25)

After her 43 years of teaching, Ms. Braun will be retiring from Indian Hills this year, leaving an everlasting impact on the school. In 1979, she started her career in the sunny, colorful town of San Antonio, Texas, teaching a 7th-grade life science class. Ms. Braun later moved to New Jersey where she continued to pursue her passion for teaching the ins and outs of the scientific world. 

Ms. Braun has made 19 years worth of memories at Indian Hills. She expresses, “My favorite memory at Hills has to be going to the athletic events and watching our students compete. And I have loved coaching golf. I got to work with some great kids!” This spring sports season, the Indian Hills Girls Golf Varsity Team had a record-breaking year, ending the season 8-5, which put the team in 3rd place in the West Division. In addition, Ms. Braun was honored with Coach of the Year for her outstanding leadership of the golf team. 

Ms. Braun went on to say, “My favorite subject was teaching Anatomy, although I do love Biology.” Ms. Braun has always had a great passion for the environment and will continue loving animals and nature.  When questioned about her goals for the future, she says, “I plan on working in my garden, playing with my puppies, and traveling.” 

Ms. Braun continuously inspired her students through her teaching career at Indian Hills and has left a lasting impact. She uses her favorite quote, by Jane Goodall, to inspire students. “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” 

Ms. Braun definitely made a difference on her students. Senior Megan Folina comments how “She was a fair teacher and she did so much to help us succeed. She really wanted to teach us and loved the subject and the class regardless of her sarcasm.” 

As she prepares to leave the Indian Hills community and enter the next chapter of her life, Ms. Braun has some advice for Indian Hills students “Always try your best and set your goals.”