By: Valeri Guevarra, Editor in Chief (‘22)

The MCU train never stops running, and the newest character to hop on is Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, in the Disney+ show Ms. Marvel. The show is set in Jersey City and centers on Captain Marvel-obsessed 16-year-old Kamala Khan, portrayed by Iman Vellani, and her journey in finding her identity in high school. Disney+ released the first episode on Wednesday, June 8th, and has received a lot of praise across the board, from critics to fans, including this one. 

The episode starts with the Marvel Studios logo and The Weeknd’s 2019 hit ‘Blinding Lights’, which set the tone for the show being a very youth-driven one. The show introduces the audience to Khan by showing her creating a YouTube video about Captain Marvel. The scene emphasizes how the show will focus heavily on Khan’s fangirl and fantasy parts of her identity. The sequence is done very creatively, most notably how the audience sees the video through the behind-the-scenes lens of Khan, which helps the audience quickly get to know her. Throughout the rest of the episode, the audience meets all of the important people in Kamala’s life, including the rest of the Khans (her mother, father, and older brother) and her best friend, Bruno Carrelli. The main plot of the first episode is that Kamala is trying to go to AvengerCon with Bruno, but her mother is not letting her go alone without her father. At the end of the episode, she sneaks out and when she gets caught sneaking back in, she gets lectured by her mother.

Overall, the episode feels like a Marvel cross with a Disney Channel show, in a good way. The cinematography of some scenes, like the introduction of Kamala and a text message exchange between Bruno and Kamala, is very creative, unlike other Marvel entries or television shows. The fangirl aspect of the Kamala is fantastically done. She doesn’t feel too obsessed where she has no personality, which helps the audience, especially fellow Marvel fans, relate to her, even if they aren’t similar in age to Kamala. Many younger Marvel would relate to and see themselves in Kamala, especially in the high school and family scenes, which contributes to the show’s positive reception with younger fans. Ms. Marvel releases new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+ with its finale on July 13th.