By: Jaclyn Kotora, Editorial Staff (‘23)

Bringing back another Indian Hills tradition, TNT (Teens Need Teens) hosted the senior fashion show on June 7th in the Indian Hills auditorium and art gallery. Tickets to the show were sold during lunch for $5 and $10 at the door. TNT members organized a wonderful event with the help of Ms. Frissora (TNT advisor) and the cheery and humorous show narrators, Ms. Fezza and Ms. Robinson. 

Senior and TNT member/leader Jessica Pendy explains, “Organizing the event was stressful because of how many moving parts there were […] we had challenges with scheduling a day, finding a venue, ensuring there was communication between TNT and the participants, and money struggles since our club does not have too much funding. Although in the end with major help from Mrs. Frissora, Megan Folina, Mrs. Robinson, Ms. Fezza, myself, the rest of TNT, and the administration were able to pull it off. The show was a success and was a great way to celebrate our senior class. It was a night full of smiles, laughter, and genuine fun for all who attended.”

The show began with the formal category, where students strut down the aisles to music in glamorous dresses and suits while posing for the paparazzi. To start off the show, student council president and TNT member Megan Folina made her way down the runway escorted by Frank Cruciata performing a signature handshake on stage. As each senior walked through the auditorium, Ms. Robinson and Ms. Fezza did a commentary about each of the student’s accomplishments and their plans for the future, as well as shared the student’s homage to Indian Hills and the people who helped them to get there—definitely a heartfelt and proud moment. These hosts also livened up the audience through their bright, entertaining, and comical manner.

Following Folina, Emily Cipriani and Karleigh ​​Kazmierczak walked down to the stage in long, sleek black dresses, red pumps, and cool shades. Next was Juliana Ospina, escorted by Sydney Gitlitz, in a stunning black gown and elegant emerald green dress respectively. Trio Jennifer Mason, Sydney Chiang, and Jaedan Orsini followed. Next, Angela Marcucilli strutted down the runaway with a classy baby blue dress, escorted by Jacob Opderbeck in a slick gray tux. Like runway models, Abigail Franks, in red, and Sydney Schwerzler, in black, made their way to the stage in bold, contrasting outfits, while Josie Kaye, escorted by Alysha Weaver followed. Haley Lenzetti, escorted by Jonathan Morin, entertained the audience after with various poses and choreographies. Then, Chloe Fatuova, escorted by Apollo Pascual, effectively followed that performance as Fatuova jumped into Pascaul’s arms as they walked down the aisle, followed by Pascual making an impressive jump onto the stage. After, Jessica Pendy and Malachi Adamson danced their way to the front, and Anisha Patel, escorted by Juli Robayo, showed off dazzling one-shoulder dresses. Madison DeLeon and Alejandro Zeledon came next in matching formal, black outfits, giving a photogenic pose at the end. Perhaps the highlight of the night, Aiden Jaffe and Thomas Picinich showed off their lovely blue dresses, shedding their fake breasts at the top of the stage— a runway walk to remember. And to finish off the formal category, Jessica Pendy in a glamorous red dress and Isabella Ilardi in a stunning turquoise each strut down the runway, escorted by Megan Folina. Pendy shares, “being an actual model in the fashion show was super fun, I got to walk with so many amazing people […] to me the fashion show meant a lot because we have been working on it for so long, so to be able to finally walk in it was a stress reliever… One of the moving moments of the night was hearing the bios written about each participant that highlighted their years here at IHHS.”

The formal category was followed by a brief intermission, where refreshments of cookies, cupcakes, beverages, and more were served in the art gallery. Interact sponsored this part of the program.

A fun-filled category finished off the show, starting off with Morin, escorted by Lenzetti, wearing Braves attire. Zeledon and DeLeon followed with a Hairspray-inspired look, with Zeledon popping a leg up for a pose at the end of the runway. Orsini and Mason portrayed Scream, a terrific and terrifying performance. Gitlitz and Ospina, as well as ​​Kazmierczak and Cipriani, showed off matching PJs. Brave the Eagle even made an appearance, accompanied by Alysha Weaver and Josie Kaye, who were accessorized with feather boas and bright blue wigs and hats. Another favorite look was Frank Cruciata and Megan Folina as class mom and dad, rocking with the Braves attire, hats, binoculars, and, of course, a lawn chair. However, Sydney Schwerzler and Abigail Franks also had a tough act to follow, as they paid tribute to the office, encapsulating the characters perfectly. CIA agents Pendy and Malachi Adamson, along with the stylish FBI agents, Sydney Chiang and Jaedan Orsini, were a force to be reckoned with, serving killer looks. Another favorite was Apollo Pascual and Chloe Fatuova as your favorite insurance agents, Flo from Progressive and Jake from Statefarm, as they cartwheeled across the stage, wigs flying off and everything. In another tribute to a TV classic, Thomas Picinich and Alejandro Zeledon represented Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza. Finally, to end the show, Jessica Pendy returned to the runway with Kylie Walker.

The TNT fashion show was a big hit, allowing seniors to show off glamorous and hilarious looks, while also providing seniors with one more memorable night to honor their achievements and everyone who supported them in that journey. At the end of the fashion show, seniors came out and thanked those who have had an impact on them and their high school careers by handing out roses to teachers, staff, family, and friends.