By: Jaclyn Kotora, Editorial Staff (‘23)

Friday nights down at Hank Boggio Field of Indian Hills High School can look a little something like this: screaming students, boisterous behavior, packed parking lots, captivating cheerleaders, odd outfits, edgy eye black, a memorable marching band, and admirable athletes. This season, there have been three home and two away games, the next away game on 10/14 against Hopatcong. As the 2022-2023 fall football season is wrapping up, Drumbeats staff asked Indian Hills students, through public survey, their thoughts about the football games and student sections so far. 

In terms of football themes, majority of students expressed that they like dressing up and were generally satisfied with the choices, although believed they lack creativity and individuality. While students expressed that the themes should incorporate items that everyone owns, majority believe that it should also be fun and creative. Some football theme ideas that students suggested are “halloween-out”, “country-out”, “emo-out”, “hawaiian-out”, “jersey-out”, “white-out”, “camoflauge-out”, or “blue-and-gold-out”. Junior Ailis Nataadiningrat also proposed “Go ‘Looney’”, a Loony Tunes play on words, where you dress up as your favorite cartoon character, as well as a decades day or Hollywood Day, where you dress up as your favorite movie character. Another student even suggested to do a color wars by grade, pining the classes against one another for the title of most spirited. Along with the student body, we implore those in charge to evaluate the wishes of the people, in order to allow for more creative, funny, and exciting outfits and overall encourage as much hype as possible for the games.

In regards to Indian Hills school spirit, students expressed that our student sections deserve an A. Filled with energetic, borderline rowdy, students, they cheer our team on and demonstrate what it means to be a Brave. When asked about the best part our student section, individuals shared: “the energy”, “the people running it”, “the hype for the games”, “being with friends”, “loudness”, “dressing up”, “chants run by seniors”, and more. However, there were also some complaints of people not cheering/being loud enough, people being too loud and obnoxious, “the shirtless people”, overcrowding, pushing, aggressiveness, and people leaving at half time when the team is losing. Additionally, on a more humorous note, one student commented, “if people could put on deodorant before they wave their arms in the air that would be great.” The mixed opinions from students serves to indicate the diversity of expression and impression from students. While some students believe that our student section is not as impressive as other schools, one trip onto the bleachers is sure to change your mind. 

To improve the football games, individuals advised to expand the student section, hand out more food and merchandise at the game, and implement more creative student-led cheers. In addition students recommend that there be more leadership and organization within the bleachers and that people follow designated grade sections.Students also express hope for a more successful future for our team, and will continue to come show support for the Indian Hills football, cheer, and marching band.

Our student section continues to be a highlight and focal point of the school. Demonstrating unmatched school spirit, energy, and pride, students join together in this quintessential high school experience. As the season comes to its last few games, it is encouraged to come support Indian Hills Braves for the last home game on 10/21 against Bergen Tech at 6:30pm.