By: Mikayla Chusid, Contributing Writer (‘25)

The new upcoming movie, Wakanda Forever, by Marvel Studios is coming out to theaters in America on November 11th, 2022, and the official trailer was released on October 3. Although the trailer only shows a glimpse into what the movie actually holds, before watching, here are 5 things you should know before watching Wakanda Forever.

What type of format will Wakanda Forever have?

The movie formatting within Wakanda Forever will be very similar to another Marvel movie: Captain America Civil War. In Captain America Civil War, there were two sides, Team Iron Man and Team Captain America, who fought against each other, making it a very iconic movie from Marvel Studios. In Wakanda Forever, the two sides that will be fighting each other are the Wakandans and the Atlantians. This is not confirmed yet, but creditable writer and Twitter influence, Daniel Richtman, better known as DanielRPK, has stated the following in his plot leak of Wakanda Forever: “War between Wakanda and Atlantis…Parts of Wakanda are flooded…Big war between the two nations.” This plot leak came out on July 12th, 2022, a while before the teaser trailer was even released. After comparing the plot leak to the official trailer, the information DanielRPK has leaked seems to be true since the trailer shows all of those events described in the leak.

Who is Ironheart?

In the film, a new character will be introduced, Riri Williams. Many know her as Ironheart, played by Dominique Thorne. Her first appearance in Marvel was in Invincible Iron Vol. 2 issue 7 from 2016. Then 2 years later, her new Ironheart series was released. On it states, “Teenage super genius Riri Williams has taken Tony Stark’s armor and reverse engineered it, adding her own modifications, and becoming a hero in her own right!” Ironheart is very similar to Tony Stark: they both build their own suits and both rather be alone inventing new technology to add to their armor. Riri Williams builds her own suits similar to Iron Man’s suits, but instead with reversed engineering. After building her suit, she decides to leave M.I.T. only to meet the one and only Tony Stark in her house, who supports Riri’s decision on becoming a superhero. In Wakanda Forever, Ironheart will play a major role in the movie, as she is shown multiple times throughout the trailer. There will be two unique suits Ironheart wears that are shown in the official trailer. Riri also has a very close relationship with Shuri, which nobody would doubt since geniuses stick together.

Is Namor the villain of Wakanda Forever?

Namor should not be considered a villain, but instead recognized as an anti-hero. The war between the Atlantians and the Wakandans did not start out of thin air, nor did Namor want to fight the Wakandans. But a decision made by the Wakandans results in a conflict happening between both sides. Namor also will most likely not be killed in this war, because he has made many appearances in the comics. That would indicate that he will most likely appear in future MCU projects. He is also the king of the Atlantians, so killing him would not be the best idea since it would anger the entire Atlantean population. 

Who is the new Black Panther?

As seen from the teaser trailer and the official trailer of Wakanda Forever, there is now someone taking over the Black Panther suit. Since Chadick Boseman’s death in 2020, the Black Panther role was left open; however, Marvel decided not to do a recasting. As Kevin Feige states in Empire magazine, “It just felt like it was much too soon.” Since Marvel decided against recasting, the Black Panther role is being taken over by Shuri. It would make sense for Shuri to take over as the new Black Panther since it was her brother, and she holds a family legacy. She would feel as though she has to take on the role of the Black Panther suit not only for her family, but for her people too. In DanielRPK’s plot leak, it states, “Shuri makes her own black panther suit”, as seen in the official trailer. The trailer illustrates a better look at the new Black Panther suit, which seems to fit more for a female. There is little doubt that Shuri would make her own black panther suit, which may somehow include her famous “sneak-ers”.

Who is in the Post Credit Scene?

If you are a Marvel fan, you would know to stay after all Marvel movies till the end of the movie since–there are always post-credit scenes. These post-credit scenes can either set up the next movie or the next 10 years of the MCU. In one of the post-credit scenes, it is rumored that the next big villain is going to be revealed. In Daniel RPK’s plot leak it states, “Post Credit: They filmed in a post-credit with a stand-in Dr. Doom…”. Considering that most of the information leaked by DanielRPK has been accurate so far, it would make sense for the post-credit scene to most likely be showing Dr. Doom. There is no information on what the second post-credit could potentially be, or even if a second post-credit scene will be shown at the end of Wakanda Forever. If Dr. Doom appears in the post-credit scenes, it will change everything in the MCU as we know it. He plays a major role in Fantastic Four, along with Avengers Secret Wars. Dr. Doom also made many appearances in the comics with the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Avengers. Once Dr. Doom appears there will only be doom for all from here on out.

Tickets for Wakana Forever are on sale right now so get it while it lasts since this movie is going to be a big hit. This movie is the final film to wrap up phase four of the Multiverse Saga preparing us for the upcoming Marvel projects. It is only the beginning of what is yet to come in phase five and phase six of the Multiverse Saga.