By: Erin Holly McDermott, Editor-in-chief ‘23 

The Indian Hills Swim Team has reigned in a highly competitive, highly successful season at the close of the winter session. The team’s record lies at 10-2, proving their dominance over the regional field. The team, spearheaded by female senior athletes including Tara Flynn, Abby Klein, Joyce Baik, Lucia Kim, Avni Patel, and Deana Synerva, landed a 2nd place spot overall. The first-place spot was taken by Wayne Hills, with a 9-0 season record.  

Drumbeats staff had the chance to chat with senior athletes from the IH Girls’ Swim Team to reflect on their most recent season. For many of these athletes, this will be the last opportunity, after nearly a decade of competing, for them to swim competitively. Students encountered a notable difference between this season and seasons previously, as they continue to uphold the undefeated record. Senior, Deana Synerva, commented, “I would credit [the success to] our coaches, Coach Bryan and Coach Hausch, for our engaging practices and motivation. The team pushes one another in a supportive yet competitive way.” To piggyback, the swim team’s dedication is tangible. From 5 AM practices to late-night meets, members of IH Swim are some of the most dedicated members of our school community. It is athletes such as the ones highlighted here that showcase Indian Hill’s excellence. Practice is reported to take place between “5-7 days a week…[requiring] full time and energy and effort.” Meanwhile, senior Abby Klein accredited the “competitive push for each other to perform. There’s always support when a race doesn’t go well or practice is difficult. The practice coaching style has changed, causing an increase in success [this past season].” It is undeniable that this season’s success has a large role in the determination displayed by the athletes and coaching staff. 

For seniors, who are welcoming their end to the long-lasting experience at Indian Hills Swim, this season’s results provide some reprise and satisfaction. Senior, Tara Flynn explained, “It feels really good. I know all the girls have worked really hard this season to get us where we are and win leagues. We have such a good group of girls and I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished.” 

Recognition for a successful Hills team revitalizes our school’s community, as IH Swim had done last season. A huge congratulations to the senior athletes who are closing out their time with IH Swim, thank you for all of the hard work and dedication to making your seasons the best possible.