The Official Online Newspaper of Indian Hills High School


Meet the Editorial Staff:

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Dan Ferat

Editor-in-Chief: Erin McDermott, Class of 2023

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Ava Silvestri, Class of 2025

Diversions Editor: Pauline Tsui, Class of 2026

Features Editor: Gaby Becker, Class of 2025

Layout Editor: Natalie Portnoy, Class of 2025

News Editor: Jaclyn Kotora, Class of 2023

Website Editor: Skylar Brown, Class of 2025

Opinion Editor: Eden Placer, Class of 2024

Photo Editor: Skylar Brown, Class of 2025

Science Editor: Eve Nevelos, Class of 2024

Sports Editor: Natalie Lorenzo, Class of 2023

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